Consignment Information

Explore Dragon & Orc's lucrative consignment opportunities! Turn unused items into cash by partnering with us. Unlock a hassle-free and trusted way to sell your treasures. Start maximizing your assets today!


What Is Consignment?

Consignment is when a shop attempts to sell an item for the item’s owner. When the item sells, the shop keeps a certain amount of the profit and the rest goes to the original owner.


Here's how consignment works at Dragon & Orc:

You bring an item or collection to D&O. We verify the quality and check if buyers are looking for those items. The items we believe can be sold are added to our consignment inventory with a specified SKU. You retain full ownership of each item until it has been sold by the shop.

Dragon & Orc will then market the item(s) to buyers. If an item sells, we will pay you the fair price percentage (40%) of how much it sold. You can choose to be paid with a cheque or in-store credit.

If an item doesn't sell after 90 days, you may choose to get your item back at no cost to you or leave it in the store for another 90 days. If you change your mind about consigning an item with us before the 90 day period, there's still no cost to you to have the item returned.


What Dragon & Orc sells:

We are currently seeking the following items:

  • collectible cards from the following games:
       - Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Lorcana
  • tabletop role playing game items


Where to Start

If you're interested in consigning items to Dragon & Orc, simply gather the items and bring them in during business hours. No appointment necessary. We will have you fill out some paperwork though (so we can contact you when/if your items sell).